By - Urdu Academy, Bhopal

Executing Agency - C.P.A., Bhopal

Cost - Rs. 1.75 crores

Year of completion - 1990 

Sanskriti Bhawan Complex forming part of a larger cultural complex of the city which is an interface of old and new Bhopal and situated on the bank of Banganga - drainage divided of two hillocks. The built up area of main building is 3880 Sqm. with a car parking built area of 1020 Sqm. The building was handed over to P.W.D. Division No. 3 in the year 1995 for maintenance.
Situated on the steep slopes, Sanskriti Bhawan accommodates various academies under the Deptt. Of Culture, Govt. of M.P. It also houses areas for other activities such as auditorium, library, meeting hall and guest house. The building has become an important landmark of the city reflecting modern and pristine architecture prevalent in Bhopal.

Phone- +91- 755- 553058

Address- Baanganga Road, Bhopal- 462003, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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