Kaliasot Dam is the most significant of the works and vision of Raja Bhoj was his work for water conservation, as early as eleventh century that named as Kaliasot Dam. The great Bhoj clearly understood the importance of water in the survival, settlement and development of human society. Raja Bhoj of India is yet to get the credit of the first visionary in known history for creating the first man made large reservoir. The great Bhoj dam lasted more than 400 years up to the fifteenth century. It changed the entire eco system of the central India. Forests and wild life developed and the place became a haven for nature and beauty.

It is after Kalia Gond that this river is called Kalia Sot today. A dam on the river was drawn and known as the Kalia Sot dam, and is one of the main sources of water supply to Bhopal city.

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