The State Archaeological Museum of Madhya Pradesh was earlier known as Bhopal Museum. It was during the reign of Nawab Shah Jehan Begum (1868-1901) that a serious effort was made to collect rare objects for the Museum. It was inaugurated in November 2005 and is housed in a new majestic building. It is located near the Museum of Man and the Regional Science Centre. The Archaeological Museum in Bhopal houses a splendid collection of sculptures brought from various parts of the state. 

The State Museum, Bhopal is the treasure house of antiquities such as coins, excavated artifacts like terracotta articles, sculpture, and paintings of the most significant historical sites around the region. The State Museum of Bhopal exhibits a splendid collection of the antiques retrieved from various excavated sites of Madhya Pradesh. The State Museum, Bhopal is devoted to archeology. The State Museum of Bhopal also exhibits the samples of the beautiful carvings of Khajuraho's romantic couples. Apart from this the State Museum at Bhopal harbors 87 Jain bronzes that are retrieved from Dhar, an excavated site of Madhya Pradesh whose origination dated back to the Paramara Dynasty of 12th century.

The paintings belonging to different period, the handicrafts of the tribal’s, the musical instruments, the figurines and other important artifacts having historical significance are displayed in different departments of the Bhopal State Museum. The various archaeological findings exhibited in the State Museum at Bhopal illustrated the rich cultural history of Madhya Pradesh.

Museum Opening Hour-

10 A.M. to 5 P.M except on Mondays and Government holidays.

Contact Detail-
Address- Banganga Marg,Near Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, india.