Rani Kamlapati Palace is Ancient Palace of Rani Kamlapati, ruler of Bhojpal i.e. Bhopal. Rani Kamlapati was the very beautiful wife of Nawal Shah, a Hindu Gond tribal warlord who had his capital in Ginnaur. In the 1710s, the area around the upper lake of Bhopal was mainly populated by the Bhil and the Gond tribals. In 1723, Rani Kamlapati committed suicide near her palace (present-day Kamla Park in Bhopal).

This palace is situated on the bridge, between the larger and the smaller lake. It was built in 1722. This palace has been named after queen Kamlapati the widow of Nizam Shah Gond, Chief of Ginnorgarh. 
Address- Near Kamla Park Road, Bhopal- 462002, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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