Samasgarh, situated around 20 kms away from Bhopal near Ratibad, is believed to be discovered by a Jain Saint (Muni). It is said that the place was once renowned for an old Jain Temple. Now at Samasgarh, one can found ruins of one dozen Parmar era temples containing symbols of Shiva temple and Vishnu temple, hundreds of idols of Jain tirthankaras, remnants of the Jain temple etc. Two old water ponds are also located near Samasgarh.  This place was discovered 70 years ago by a jain Muni. 

Samasgarh was known for old Jain temple but will now known for Statues and ruins of Parmar era temple which had been recently found there.  It is first time that so many remains of Parmar Era have been found near capital. Inspite of the media hype they still lie unprotected and unmarked.  If one has to go to the site one has to depend on the local people who only know that some statues which were recently in newspaper have been found in their village. 


Ruins one dozen temples have been located, in which symbols of Shiva temples, Vishnu temples and other temples could be identified at the location near the old Jain temple.  The ruins suggest that these temples would be of the Parmara-era that may have been destroyed by some reason.  Historians believe that areas around the State capital were ruled by the Parmara King Bhoj and these ruins would definitely have been under his protection. Apart from Hindu, temples, ruins of Jain temples could also be easily identified.  There are two old water ponds/ well near the site.

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