Salkanpur Temple is located in Sehore district near Budhni, Budhni is a town formally known as 'Buuddha Nivasini' literally meaning the residential of Buddha, the temple is at a distance of 70 km from Bhopal by road and the nearest railway station is Sehore which is on the Bhopal- Ratlam route.The Salkanpur temple is devoted to goddess Durga and the presiding deity here is Ma Durga Beejasan one of the incarnation of the goddess Durga. The Temple is situated on an 800 ft high hillock and has more than 1000 stairs.

Salkanpur is a placed where mata vijayasen is virajman on top of hill you can go by car ropeway, and by stairs (1000 stairs), it is one of the greatest placed like maihar, vasnodevi.

Salkanpur is located in rehti tehsil dist.sehore madhya pradesh,25 km from hoshangabad,70 km from bhopal,150km from indore,every one can reach by car, taxi,bus etc.

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