Bhopal is the land of fusion where the old and the new, the Muslim and Hindu Cultures all co- exist quite comfortably. This fusion is reflected in every aspect of the life in Bhopal. The same element of fusion can be noticed in Bhopal Cuisine. Bhopal Cuisine includes some delicious Vegetarian dishes but the best aspect of Bhopal Cuisine is its exquisite meat delicacies. Thanks to the long Muslim rule in the region, Bhopal Cuisine has been gifted with a plethora of spicy meat dishes.

The most authentic form of Bhopal Cuisine can be best tasted at the inner Chowks of the city which are lined with shops offering the best curries and kebabs. The most popular dishes in Bhopal Cuisine includes

  • Spicy Achar Gost
  • Keemas
  • Rogan Josh
  • Korma
  • Biryani Pilaf
  • Succulent Kababs
  • Pulaos

Besides these popular dishes, Bhopal cuisine also has some of the most interesting preparations. The Bafla is a wheat cake which is dunked in ghee is an ideal accompaniment with a thick bowl of Dal(pulses). Bhopal cuisine is incomplete without a sweet dish which is often a seasonal fruit.

There are also a number of drinks which are special in the Bhopal Cuisine. The Buttermilk and the Sugarcane juice are two of favorite drinks in Bhopal. Bhopal also has its own local form of liquor called the Sulfi which is made from the flowers of the mahua tree. 

The most important and famous item of Bhopal Cuisine is served at the very end. The Bhopali Paan or the betel leaf is a complete culinary delight. It not only tastes good but also has digestive quality.


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