Upper Lake, (Hindi: बड़ा तालाब), is the largest artificial lake in Asia. Which lies on the Western side of the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. This is one of the two water bodies present in Bhopal and was constructed by Raja Bhoj during 1005-1055. The king was also responsible for establishing the city of Bhopal and the lake still provides almost half the drinking water that is supplied to the city.

Upper Lake is situated on the west central part of Bhopal city and is surrounded by Van Vihar National Park on the south, human settlements on the east and north, and agriculture fields on the west. On Bada Talab, you can enjoy a variety of boat rides – motor, sail, and even the age-old paddle.

Bada Talaab was built by Raja Bhoj during his tenure as a king of Malwa (1005–1055). He established the city of Bhopal (also named after him, then as Bhojpal) to secure the eastern frontier of his kingdom. It has an area of 31 km², and drains a catchment or watershed of 361 km². The watershed of the Upper Lake is mostly rural, with some urbanized areas around its eastern end.

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