Lower Lake, (Hindi: छोटा तालाब), Bhopal’s favorites spot is all liquid – its favorites Chota Talab. A picture squab over bridge separates the Upper Lake from the Lower Lake. Chota Talab, the beautiful small lakes that have been the city's natural showpieceThe city is quite well known for its natural lakes with the ‘Chota Talab’ being the most famous amongst them. It was also built by King Bhoj during 1005-1055 century.

A reminder to the beauty of Mughal Empire, Lower Lake is situated between massive upper lake and the majestic hills, the Lower Lake also called as Chota Talaab. The upper and lower lakes are separated by means of an over bridge. Surrounded by Kamala Garden and filled with a multitude of adventure activities like sailing, boat rides and paddle boating. It is due to these two lakes that Bhopal is known as the City of Lakes.

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